Do I know you?

Do I know you? To balance her studies in social and political science, Alanen dipped into the tech scene during her student years and ended up working for Jolla – the Nokia offshoot – as an assistant. Back then, she felt like blushing when telling people she worked in the tech scene, as it was so new and exciting to her. However, at Jolla she found a fertile environment and culture to learn the ropes of the scene, which helped her to realise every tech-head’s dream: move to California and work

Finland is a first responder in the global critical comms industry

Finland is a first responder in the global critical comms industry If you lived in 1960s rural Finland and found yourself in an emergency, say a fire, chances are the only emergency number you had was the local fire chief’s home number. The only realistic option was to pull on your Nokia-made rubber boots, one of the company’s main products at the time, and grab the nearest hose. While Nokia ventured off into military and commercial mobile radios, Finnish public safety authorities invested in

ICEYE and Audacy join forces

The duo will set out to explore how Audacy’s planned in-orbit communications network could be best utilised with ICEYE’s microsatellite constellation. The Iceye-X2 currently goes online 25 times a day, whenever it passes over a ground station, with each fly-over enabling the transfer of data and other essential functions. This translates to ICEYE’s SAR-imaging service promise of an average revisit time of three hours. With Audacy’s inter-satellite data relay network, the imaging data could be p

Audiodraft makes brands heard

How do you distinguish a brand? What do you think about when someone brings up Nike or Apple? Perhaps the most common answer is the visual logos or slogans. But what do these brands actually sound like? This is exactly the question Teemu Yli-Hollo has asked companies for the past 10 years. What started as a school project at Aalto University back in 2008 is nowadays his co-founded audio branding agency, Audiodraft. Helping companies develop holistic and unique soundscapes, the agency is ultimat

Finland attracts global talent with Startup Permit

The initiative was kicked off one year ago to recruit more international talent and ideas to the fast-growing Finnish startup ecosystem. Foreign startups have two options available to them, depending on their location. The Startup Kit is available for everyone, whereas the Startup Permit is intended for eligible non-EU citizens who are equipped to build international success stories in Finland. “The demand for international experts is increasing in Finland,” commented Kai Mykkänen, Finland’s M

Helsinki named best city for work-life balance

The study examined how well cities enable their citizens to enjoy a healthy balance of work and downtime. The ranking was conducted based on 20 different factors related to work intensity, society and institutions, as well as city liveability. Helsinki, Munich and Oslo made up the trio with the best work-life balance, whereas Tokyo, Singapore and Washington D.C. were listed as the top overworked cities. “Helsinki aims to be a city which offers the best possible conditions for a sound urban life

Do I know you?

Do I know you? Teenage years are filled with significant steps in a person’s life, including taking responsibility, caring about someone, making mistakes and dreaming about the future. More often than not, a young person has his or her plate full of new experiences to digest. Today’s youth may feel even more pressure in our interconnected and ever more complex world. One teenager, however, decided to take a look at the other side of the coin and strive for the limitless opportunities the globa

CoPlays makes practice perfect

In junior sports, the club usually runs on volunteer work with limited resources. It’s not unusual for the coach to arrive at the facility after their day job 10 minutes before the practice and attempt to brief the assistant coaches and players on the day’s practice. This was exactly the problem CoPlays set out to solve a little over 24 months ago. The CoPlays crew developed a coaching platform that enables the planning and sharing of practice drills, team communication and individual feedback

Nokia gets serious with 5G

Nokia gets serious with 5G Nokia has been busy lately, mostly strengthening or launching collaboration in 5G trials that are aimed to test parts of the company’s comprehensive 5G network solution. The trials focus on crucial features of the 5G network, including network slicing, fixed-wireless access networks and a platform for IoT management. The trials are essential before large-scale roll-out, which is most likely to begin en masse by the end of 2020. The company has reached an end-to-end d